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Rob Higham

Class of: 2014
Hometown: Nashville, TN

Rob Higham is a Senior in the College of Arts and Science where he is majoring in Public Policy with a concentration in Education Policy. Rob is very interested in school choice and charter schools, and he finds Nashville to be a very fascinating place to see many current education reforms.

Rob spends his time volunteering with KIPP Nashville, a charter management organziation that he truly admires. He works as a tutor in an after-school math program for struggling students. For many of the students, the program focuses on helping the students learn the current material that they are covering in class, while also helping them with many math skills from earlier grades that they did not truly learn. It is certainly a challenge to work with students on current material when they often have not truly learned earlier matierlal, but that demonstrates just how important the collaboration is. The culture at KIPP is one of hard work, determination, and success. Students are expected to succeed, and if that success does not come easily, they are expected to work hard until they reach their goals. The students all seem to have bought into this system, and everyone - students, parents, and faculty - is working together to reach the same goal. The students also work together and really want to see their classmates succeed. Many of the students make remarkable progress, and the confidence that they gain from their improvement in math often carries over to their other classes.

Rob will continue to volunteer at KIPP, and he believes he will continue to see what makes KIPP such an impressive charter group.