May 20th, 2014

Harvey Burrell: Exemplary Curb Scholar and Vanderbilt Exceptional Senior, Class of 2014








Curb Scholar Harvey Burrell is not your typical university graduate. Harvey is an innovative thinker and leader who already has a strong list of professional accomplishments as a filmmaker through his company Windy Films. Last year, he and his partners finished a visually beautiful and thought-provoking full-length documentary called Endless Abilities, which features their epic cross-country road trip following young people with disabilities—revealing how they are living active lives through adaptive sports. In his work, Harvey isn’t just dedicated to making art: he is enacting social change by empowering lives and pushing the boundaries of what many people consider possible. For this reason and more, Harvey was featured as one of Vanderbilt’s Exceptional Seniors of 2014.

Harvey’s latest project is with Sanaria, Inc., a company that created a revolutionary malaria vaccine. Harvey created compelling video footage that communicates the wide-reaching implications of this discovery and how the vaccine could be mass produced using the SporoBot biorobotic technology developed at Harvard.  Read more about this project from the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Be a part of Harvey’s vision! Donate and spread the word about Sporobot’s Indiegogo campaign to eradicate malaria, or go to to set up a screening of Endless Abilities at your local theater.

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