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Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions

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Meet the CSDI

 Executive Committee

Larry Bartels     Josh Clinton                                                               John Geer                              

Professor Larry M. Bartels, Co-Director

Professor Joshua D. Clinton, Co-Director

Professor John G. Geer, Co-Director       

Dave Lewis    
Professor David E. Lewis, Co-Director            


Postdoctoral Fellows

 Kathleen  SR  
 Kathleen Doherty  Steven Rogers  


Affiliated Graduate Students

 Claire Abernathy


 Scott Limbocker

Claire Abernathy

Allison Archer

Scott Limbocker

Mark R 





 Mark Richardson








Research Interests


Legislative Politics and Policymaking

Executive Politics and Regulatory Policymaking

Elections and Electoral Rules

Media and Democratic Systems of Governance


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Affiliated Faculty

Bruce Barry, Owen School of Management

Vanessa Beasley, Communication Studies

Lisa Bressman, Law

Daniel Cornfield, Sociology

Andrew Daughety, Economics

William Doyle, Peabody

Paul Edelman, Mathematics & Law

Tracey George, Law

Gary Gerstle, History

Jason Grissom, Peabody

Marc Hetherington, Political Science 

Molly Jackman, Political Science

Saul Jackman, Political Science

Cindy Kam, Political Science

Christopher Loss, Peabody

Kristin Michelitch, Political Science

Robert Mikos, Law

Cecilia Mo, Political Science

Andrea Moro, Economics

Joshua Murray, Sociology

Dana Nelson, English

Bruce Oppenheimer, Political Science

Evelyn Patterson, Sociology

Jennifer Reinganum, Economics

Ed Rubin, Law

Mitchell Seligson, Political Science

Zeynep Somer-Topcu, Political Science

Ganesh Sitaraman, Law

John Sloop, Communication Studies

Kevin Stack, Law

Cecelia Tichi , English

Michael Vandenbergh, Law

John Weymark, Economics

Alan Wiseman, Political Science

Hye Young You, Political Science

Elizabeth Zechmeister, Political Science

Former Fellows, Students, & Visitors

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