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How to Apply for the Fellowship in Theology and Practice

1. Choose an area of study within the Graduate Department of Religion (GDR).

2. Apply to the GDR by December 15th. You can apply online at the GDR application page. Applications will be accepted starting August 1st. 

3. Complete the entire application. Please select yes in the application if you wish to be considered for the Fellowship in Theology and Practice.

4. Write a supplemental essay to apply for the Fellowship in Theology and Practice. The supplemental essay should be included in the application. 

5. Please note that this essay supplements but does not replace your statement of purpose in the standard GDR application.

6. Finalists for the fellowship will be invited to visit the campus in early February.

7. Up to five fellowships will be offered to applicants who have also been accepted by an area of the GDR. Fellows will matriculate in the following fall.