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Earth Friendly Move Out

Don’t Toss it!—Vanderbilt’s Earth Friendly Move Out Tips

With the hustle and bustle of finishing up the semester, moving out can be a hectic process of trying to fit a year’s worth of stuff into cars, suitcases, and storage. For all the stuff that doesn’t fit, Vanderbilt’s Earth Friendly Move Out provides opportunities to keep a large volume of material out of the landfill while helping others at the same time.


OHARE will have donation locations set up across campus benefiting a variety of non-profit charities. You can donate many items, including old textbooks, at any of these locations or post them on Vandy FreeSwap!


In addition to donating, there are many convenient locations for recycling common items on campus. Please drop off your electronics, tablets, computers and appliances in the specially designated areas outdoors around the residence halls that are set up only during move out.

Recycling for batteries, ink and toner cartridges, CLF bulbs, and pen and mechanical pencils can be found year round at many main desks around campus. Click here for a map of these locations.

For more traditional recycling items such as plastic, paper (including textbooks), aluminum and flattened cardboard, students are encouraged to use the residential recycling areas located next to their dumpsters rather than throwing items away.

For more information about Earth Friendly Move Out, please visit the Waste and Recycling website , contact, call 343-2784 (E.ARTH on campus) or watch our award-winning recycling videos here!