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Please help VU recycle cardboard!

Posted in NEWS on Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

In July 2013, Metro Nashville enacted a ban on cardboard being disposed of in trash dumpsters for entities such as Vanderbilt. This ban is meant to keep cardboard out of the local landfill to preserve landfill space, so cardboard must now be recycled. Please help us recycle cardboard and keep it out of the trash by putting boxes in the hallways in VUMC  or, on main campus, by flattening placing at pre-established cardboard collection points in each campus building,  behind recycling containers in your area, or directly into cardboard dumpsters or compactors located throughout campus at the Commons Center, Rand Dining, Branscomb, McGugin, and the Chestnut facility.  A cardboard recycling flyer that you can post in your area is available here.

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