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Founded in 2018, The Initiative for Race Research and Justice (RRJ) is a growing initiative at Vanderbilt University. The goal of RRJ is to centralize and bring together research and researchers focused on race inside and outside the field of education. RRJ has an overt emphasis on studying and impacting practices and policies toward racial justice. RRJ’s work is organized around three main focal areas: (1) conducting high-quality research on race; (2) using new and expanded knowledge to improve practices, policies, society, and the overall human condition; and (3) sharing and disseminating knowledge, resources, and tools in collaboration with communities, organizations, and institutions for racial justice.



In partnership with communities, we build upon transdisciplinary perspectives in conducting high-quality research on race to co-construct resources and tools to improve the human condition.



To design a sustainable research infrastructure dedicated to building new and expanded knowledge about race, policy, and practice to disrupt injustice and advance equity in education and beyond.


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