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Project Description

In collaboration with Nashville Metro Water Services (MWS), Vanderbilt Aerospace Design Lab (VADL) has set up a wind-solar renewable energy site at the Love Hill.  The main purpose of this project is to examine the feasibility of alternative energy production through solar and wind facilities, and the expectation is that about of 30kWh of energy will be generated on a daily basis; 30kWh is the average daily consumption of electrical energy per household across the US, according to the US Energy Information Administration.  Love Hill is one of the highest points in Nashville and the windspeeds atop the hill are suitable for wind power generation, especially during the windy months November through April.   In the first phase of the project, a wind monitoring station was set up at Love Hill to measure and establish analytical models for energy production.  Owing to the proximity of homes, and considering issues of neighborhood aesthetics and noise, only a modest 3kW turbine has been installed.  The wind power  is complemented by solar power of 4.8 kW capacity.  The project installation has been handled by Total Quality Environmental, a Cookeville-based alternative energy installer.



 Energy Dec 1 2020-July 7 2021 Since 8/2/12
Wind (kWh) 981 12940
Solar (kWh) 3372 51162
Total (kWh) 4353 64102
 Last Updated:07/08/21 11:00 AM