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 "the world changes in direct proportion to the number of people willing to be honest about their lives." --armistead maupin

At Vanderbilt University, students strive not to get just “good” grades, but the best grades. They believe they should not only be involved in student organizations, but that they should also be the Presidents, Vice Presidents, and Committee Chairs. They juggle packed social calendars with top-notch summer internships, and strive to make it all look effortless. The illusion is that Vanderbilt students do not fail—or if they fail, they do whatever they can to keep their peers from finding out.
They keep their failures, doubts, and fears hidden and bottled up so that they fit in with everyone else.

The Vanderbilt University [IM]Perfection Project aims to create a campus culture where students can celebrate their successes and their failures. It seeks to bring awareness of failure and setbacks as a healthy part of every student’s college experience and life after Vanderbilt. The [IM]Perfection Project wants to foster a Vanderbilt community where students can bravely share their stories of “good failures” as well as their journeys of self-acceptance.

Share your story. Join the movement.

A big thank you to the creators of the Princeton Perspective Project for allowing us to share in their vision and continue the movement at Vanderbilt.