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Vanderbilt University

Edward F. Fischer, Anthropology, Director of the Institute for Coffee Studies, Director of the Center for Latin American Studies
Peter R. Martin, Founder and Chief Scientist of the Institute for Coffee Studies
Arthur Demarest, Anthropology
James M. May, Medicine, Molecular Physiology, and Biophysics
Mitchell A. Seligson, Political Science
Bart Victor, Owen Graduate School of Management, Cal Turner Professor of Moral Leadership
Brian Faughnan, Political Science, Research Associate

External Affiliates

James Hayes-Bohanan, Geography, Bridgewater State College
Jose D. Gonzalez, Business Administration, Belmont University
Diego Pizano, Universidad de los Andes
Daniel Reichman, Anthropology, University of Rochester
William Hempstead, Anacafe
Sarah Lyon, University of Kentucky
Bradley Wilson, University of West Virginia

. Seligson, Political Science