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Student Organization FAQs

All rising sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are eligible for EV funding must complete the 2022-2023 application on AnchorLink between April 1st and April 30th, 2022 at 11:45 pm. After the application closes, it will not reopen until the next academic year. Students may apply for funding for up to three organizations that they are involved in or plan to be involved in.

You are eligible to apply for EV funding if you are an undergraduate student currently eligible for need-based financial aid. If you are an international student who does not receive need-based financial aid, please email to see if you are eligible.

Yes. Athletes that qualify for financial aid are eligible to receive funding, even if they are on scholarship.

Yes, you can apply for funding for organizations that you plan to join or have not yet paid dues for. If you are applying for funding for Greek Life, but you have not yet affiliated with a chapter, select “Not yet in a Greek chapter, but I plan on joining.”

EV funds are awarded for students, not for organizations, so the funds should directly apply to the cost of the EV recipient’s participation. For example, if an organization has dues of $800 and an EV recipient is awarded $500 for participation in that organization, then that student should not be expected to pay more than $300 in dues to that organization (the student may pay less than $300 if they receive supplemental financial assistance from the organization). If you believe an organization is misusing EV funds, please email the EV Exec Board at EV funds cannot be used to cover costs that are not included in the organization’s dues.

After the application has closed, EV recipients will be notified via email. Recipients will receive their award on their Commodore Card prior to the start of the Fall 2022 semester unless notified of a different process. They will then go into the student marketplace to purchase their experience.  Any remaining funds on your Commodore Card at the end of the semester will be returned to Experience Vanderbilt and be redistributed the following year.

For the 2021-22 academic year, a total of $360,000 was awarded with a maximum award of $500 for an individual student.

Many organizations have an internal financial assistance program to help students cover the costs of participation. EV-eligible organizations should have a designated point-of-contact for financial assistance and EV-related questions. For the 2022-2 academic year, the maximum EV award is $500 per recipient.

EV is funded by donations from Vanderbilt alumni, faculty, staff, and current students. For more information about EV fundraising and how to donate, please see the Donate page.



EV Event Pass FAQs

If you are awarded the EV Event Pass, EV will load $75 onto your Commodore Card that can be used to purchase tickets for on-campus events. This includes concerts, such as Commodore Quake and Rites of Spring, cultural showcases, and other student organization events.

You can purchase a ticket to any event that is hosted by a registered student organization or university programs. This includes tickets to Commodore Quake, Lights on the Lawn, and Rites of Spring.

You can buy one ticket per event with your funds. You are not allowed to purchase tickets for other people

Funds are first deducted from your Event Pass balance. If you do not have sufficient funds, the remaining balance is deducted from your Commodore Cash balance.

You can check your Event Pass balance using the GET app or on the Commodore Card website.

Student workers at the Sarratt Box Office will not know you are using your Event Pass funds to pay for tickets. Only you will be able to tell how you are paying for tickets.

Event Pass funds expire at the end of the academic year. Unused funds do not remain in individual student accounts; however, unused funds are returned to Experience Vanderbilt for funding use in the following year.

The utilization of Event Pass funds in a way that is not consistent with the overall mission of Experience Vanderbilt (Example: a pattern of purchasing tickets only to resell them to other students or of wasteful purchasing). Unauthorized use may result in disqualification to participate in Experience Vanderbilt in upcoming years or immediate removal of funds.


For additional questions not covered in the FAQs, please email