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What is EMIT?

What is MMA and EMIT?

With new windows opened on the Universe, multimessenger astronomy (MMA) has arrived, and with it, a once in a lifetime opportunity to launch a new field. Bringing together astronomy, engineering, math and data science, this transdisciplinary work centers diversity and inclusion. The goal of the Establishing Multimessenger astronomy Inclusive Training (EMIT) program is to produce scholars with the skills needed to drive research and expand the STEM workforce. Providing two years of funding, EMIT will engage you in research, coursework, and outreach with extensive professional and career development. Unlike traditional graduate education programs, EMIT seeks to build a true community.


Who are we looking for?

We are looking for students seeking the Ph.D. or master’s degree that share our values and interests in pursuing cutting edge scientific questions in the emerging field of multi-messenger astronomy while creating an environment for you to thrive.


What do we offer?

This is a two-year fully-funded program, including a stipend and tuition. Students that complete the full program, including research, 18 hours of coursework and participation in outreach activities will receive an MMA training certificate. You will be part of an interdisciplinary, collaborative research team and take part in short courses and a week -long summer school to keep you up to date on developments in the field. We have a Pay-It-Forward program that allows you to expand your network and develop scientific communication skills along with an EMIT YouTube Channel so you can share your science. Through a year-long professional development course you will learn more about STEM and academic culture, presentation and writing skills as well as connect with your fellow students. Our program is individualized, focusing on providing opportunities that align with your goals, with extensive support along the way.

We prioritize:

RELATIONSHIPS based on respect, trust and compassion

GROWTH toward excellence, innovation, and discovery

COMMITMENT to justice, diversity, equity, inclusion, access

IMPACT on a vibrant new field