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February 11, 2014 at 7:30pm in the Wyatt Rotunda: Two College Presidents Discuss Women and Minorities in STEM and the Future of Higher Education

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February 11th at 7:30pm in the Wyatt Rotunda

Higher education is changing faster than ever. The push towards encouraging all students, especially women and minorities to STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math) is growing everyday. In order to shed some light on this movement and other changes coming to higher education, Project Dialogue has invited two college presidents to discuss the issues on Vanderbilt’s Campus. Dr. Lynn Pasquerella is the President of Mount Holyoke College, a all female institution in Massachusetts.  Dr. Walter Kimbrough is the President of Dillard University, a historically black college.  These two leaders in higher education bring both unique experiences and ideas to the discussion of women and minorities in STEM fields, how this shift is impacting the liberal arts, and what the future holds for American Higher Education.

See Dr. Lynn Pasquerella in this TED Talk!

Hear Dr. Kimbrough Talk About Becoming a College President at Just 37 Years Old!

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