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About Vanderbilt Data Governance

Data governance adds value to our administrative and academic data systems by the establishment of standards that that promote data integrity and enables strategic integrations of information systems.


Institutional data are assets maintained to support Vanderbilt’s central mission of teaching, research, service, and healthcare.  To support effective and innovative management, institutional data must be accessible, must correctly represent the information intended, and must be easily integrated across Vanderbilt University’s information systems to support the organization’s strategic plans.

The Vanderbilt executive leadership team recognizes the value-added benefits of being able to aggregate information across multiple complex systems and business processes that enable Vanderbilt University to be a world-class University and Academic Medical Center leader.  The Institutional Data Governance team is responsible for establishing data governance policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines for ensuring maximum value of our data can be achieved.

Program Plan Overview


  • Establish appropriate responsibility for the management of institutional data as an institutional asset.
  • Improve ease of access and ensure that once data are located, users have enough information about the data to interpret them correctly and consistently. 
  • Improve the security of the data, including confidentiality and protection from loss.
  • Improve the integrity of the data, resulting in greater accuracy, timeliness and quality of information for decision-making. 
  • Establish standard definitions for key institutional data to promote data integrity and consistency.