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Data Governance Committee Charter


The Data Governance Committee (DGC) is responsible for instituting diligence and accountability around Vanderbilt University’s institutional data. It does this by enabling intentional decision-making about Vanderbilt’s institutional data assets.

Structure and Membership

The Data Governance Committee (DGC) reports to the G2 Committee  on a quarterly basis. It is chaired by the Chief Data Officer, who is the institutional lead for Data Governance. Each Vice Chancellor designates one or more representatives to DGC. These individuals are senior members of the Vice Chancellor area and have a strong understanding of the data needs, infrastructure, and issues in their area. DGC meets monthly.

DGC oversees the work of a network of data stewards around the institution consistent with University’s Data Governance Framework. The data stewards meet as a group as often as necessary to fulfill their obligation under the Framework but not less than twice a year.

The DGC may from time to time create task forces to implement projects that it determines are a priority and that require deeper consideration. The DGC works closely with the Research IT Faculty Advisory Committee / Research Data Governance Committee to maintain awareness of research data governance matters.

Key responsibilities

  • Develop, recommend, and periodically review policies, standards, principles, and guidelines pertaining to data governance matters, ensuring alignment with institutional policies, information security best practices, and risk management principles. Support adherence to these policies.
  • Oversee the implementation of University’s Data Governance Framework and strategic data-related decision-making.
  • Advise G2 on strategic infrastructure to support a modern data ecosystem (e.g., data warehousing, integration tools, etc.).
  • Create and support a culture of responsible data use, that values data and makes intentional decisions about its use and security.
  • Establish and oversee programs of communications and training about data and data governance.
  • Oversee a network of data owners and stewards, providing frameworks for decision-making and reviewing / signing off decisions about data classification, retention, etc.
  • Review and resolve data governance questions that data stewards are not able to resolve independently.
  • Develop and implement guidelines and practices to protect data security and privacy and to enable appropriate data access.
  • Review systems implementations and advise G2 about alignment with data governance principles.
  • Support the development of resources and documentation to facilitate responsible use of data.
  • Ensure institutional data decisions support the institutional goal to enhance equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Approved by G2, January 24, 2022