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Education and Outreach

The Vanderbilt Climate Change Initiative is a multi-disciplinary program aimed at engaging Vanderbilt’s faculty, staff, and students on a broad range of climate change issues at the local, regional, national, and international levels. Recognizing that today’s young people are one of the most powerful forces humanity has to address the problems and harness the opportunities presented by climate change, VCCI places special emphasis on youth education to facilitate lasting engagement and meaningful participation.

VanderbilT Climate Change Initiative (5)
Vanderbilt's inaugural trip to the UN COP!

VCCI's education and outreach work is varied and diverse, including:

  • Developing multidisciplinary climate change courses as on-campus and distance-based learning offerings
  • Supporting international travel and participation in the annual Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
  • Collaborating with international researchers to support the Least Developed Countries, a negotiating bloc to the UNFCCC
  • Facilitating student immersion projects with local impact
  • Administering student mentoring and exchange programs
  • Creating unique learning and career building opportunities through government, industry, and foundation relations
  • Performing community outreach and local K-12 education
  • Encouraging inclusive stakeholder engagement and finding consensus solutions

The Vanderbilt Advantage:

VanderbilT Climate Change Initiative (5)
  • A recognized leader in research, education, and outreach
  • Investment in research facilities and world-class faculty
  • Extensive, multi-disciplinary global climate change network
  • Experience in developing novel and impactful societal solutions
  • Excellence in student mentoring and immersion experiences