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CarbonXP, a new interactive App available on the ios App Store (and soon to be available on android), was created as a collaboration between VCCI and Change++ at Vanderbilt University. Download it now to get a close look into the United Nations climate change negotiations and a view of the carbon impact on some of your daily activities.

CarbonXP is a hub for interactive activities intended to educate and inspire American youth and students on topics that emphasize the interconnectedness between Climate Change and human behavior around the world.

The Carbon Counter is a survey asking basic information on behavior that has an affect on the environment. See how your Carbon Footprint compares to car milage or number of solar panels, for example. Read more about why certain information has such a great impact on Carbon Emissions, or why Carbon emissions even matter in the first place. The activity is not an in-depth analysis of the user's carbon emissions, but rather an introduction to just some of the key factors that play a role in your carbon footprint.

The WePlanet activity features exclusive video content from the COP event in December of 2019 put on by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change. Scroll around a globe, choosing from 40 available markers, to hear speakers from countries around the world answering the question "What should American youth know about Climate Change"

To download the app follow the link!