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Many presentations can be enhanced by the addition of interesting and helpful visuals. Most presentation tools can be accompanied by recorded narration. They can usually incorporate audio and video clips, as well as animation of slide content.

While the most common way to add visuals to your presentation is by using PowerPoint, more and more presentation applications are being developed, allowing for different ways to present your content and add interactivity. You can learn about many of these products on the 40 Presentation Software & PowerPoint Alternatives for 2019 blog post.

  • Present chunks of information as in a traditional lecture
  • Organize course content in a systematic and sequential format for students to view outside of class
  • Create and post their own productions about an aspect of the course or about a research topic
  • Build a simple digital portfolio
  • Print large-scale posters for presentations
  • Make tutorials with logic branching

This spreadsheet developed by Seton Hall University contains rubrics for a wide variety of assignments provides a good starting point from which you can create your own grading rubric for presentation assignments.