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HapYak allows you to add interactivity to video stored in many of the video library sites like YouTube and Vimeo. In specific, HapYak allows you to add clickable text and image overlays, add links to a web page, include multiple choice and free-text questions, link to a specific moment in the video, and draw over the image.

  • Annotation a video clip you make yourself or find on YouTube to help students identify key points.
  • Insert questions throughout a video to help promote understanding and to keep them engaged for the duration of the video.
  • Have students collaborate on annotating a video with text, related links, or drawings.
  • Segment a long video into chapters so that students can jump to particular sections they want to review or skip content they are familiar with.


  • The ability to pause a video to ask a question.
  • It includes a simple grade book so you can track completion
  • Embeds within a webpage


  • To add text and create some advanced actions it’s helpful to have basic coding skills. A work around is to mock up the text in Word, save as HTML, and copy/paste  the auto-generated code into HapYak.
  • To track students, you need to construct a grade book within HapYak. The student will have to log to the site to get credit for viewing the video.

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View a video to help get you acquainted.

Try this video made using HapYak