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Vanderbilt ROTC cadets participate in a rigorous academic program that includes military science, leadership and ethics courses.  Over summer months, cadets have the opportunity to study abroad, participate in internships, or receive hands-on training at Army bases all over the world.

They are regularly counseled on their personal and career development. Cadets enjoy an unmatched level of trust and camaraderie with their fellow ROTC students- all while ROTC's commanding officers work to ensure that the experience is fully integrated with Vanderbilt's overall academic and social missions.

A Day in the Life

A Vanderbilt student leads a busy life, juggling classes, homework, clubs and sports.  An ROTC student is no different.  Every day is different, but here is what a typical Thursday could look like for a cadet:

0530-0600 Wake Up and carpool to Physical Fitness (PT) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays
0600-0700 Physical Fitness, which includes a combination of calisthenic, plyometric,and stability exercises. In addition, high-intensity interval training and long distance slower runs on alternating days.
0700-0800 Grab breakfast with fellow cadets at one of various dining facilities (The Commons Center is the closest to the ROTC Building)
0900-1200 Chemistry, Intro to Anthropology, and History of Country Music classes back-to-back
1300-1400 Lunch with some classmates at Rand
1430-1700 Meet at Magnolia Lawn for lab. This week is learning to tie Swiss seats and rappelling from Stevenson Biology tower
1700-1900 Club soccer practice
1900-2000 Dinner with the club soccer team
2000-2030 Group meeting at the library for a class project
2030-2300 After a little studying for Chemistry, get some sleep! No PT tomorrow, but a meeting before class with a meeting for the pre-med society