RLST 209 and DIV/REL 2511: The New Testament /Spring 2004

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Tentative Schedule


Week 1: W-Jan. 14 Introduction
Thursday and Friday: Discussion: Ethics of Biblical Interpretation: by choosing or developing an interpretation one necessarily makes contextual choices … our choice of an interpretation affects people. Ethical responsibility.
Readings: Gospel of Matthew: A Contextual Introduction, ch. 1 and “Authority of the Bible” Phyllis Trible NISB pp. 2248-2260
WBC pp. xix-xxv & 1-9 Ringe: “When Women read the Bible”)
Suggested Readings: Scholtz, 1-46.

Week 2: Jan 21-23 Studying the Beatitudes: Identifying the Textual/analytical choices (linked with critical methods) and hermeneutical/theological choices made in each interpretation
Readings: Gospel of Matthew: A Contextual Introduction, ch. 2 and ch. 3 and Donahue, “Guidelines for Reading and Interpretation” NISB pp. 2261-73
INT ch. 1: pp. 1-13.
Suggested Readings: Scholz, 251-266. (Ukpong: “Developments in Biblical Interpretation in Africa”)

** QUIZ on Jan 26: the diversity of critical methods used in New Testament Studies and their specific goals


Week 3.Jan 26-30 = Romans
Readings: Romans in NISB (Edwards); INT ch. 4, “Paul of Tarsus” 47-57, ch. 5 “Romans” 81-90; WBC (Gaventa), GBC (Patte, France and USA)
Jan 26: 10:00-11:10 Movie: “Gospel Truth”

Week 4. Feb 2-6 = 1 - 2 Thessalonians
Readings: 1-2 Thess in NISB (Collins), INT (47-57) & 59-62, WBC (Perkins, & Johnson), GBC (Yeo, China)
Suggested: Jewish Apocalyptic Text (TBA); Scholz, 242-251 (Wimbush, “Reading TextsThrough Worlds, and Worlds Through Texts”)

Week 5. Feb 9-13 = 1 Corinthians
Readings: 1 Cor in NISB (Sampley), INT (47-57) & 70-81, WBC (Bassler), GBC (Pathrapankal, India & Demirer/Duran, Turkey)
Suggested: Hellenistic Text (TBA) and Scholz 187-202 (Schüssler-Fiorenza)


Week 6. Feb 16-20 = The Gospel according to Mark
**QUIZ on Feb 16 on the Pauline letters
Readings: Mark in NISB (Tolbert), INT 15-46, 91-102, 118-121; WBC (Tolbert), GBC (Kinukawa, Japan & Dube, Bostwana)
Suggested: The Gospel of Thomas; Scholz 67-79 “What Makes and Feminist reading Feminist?” Bird and Thimmes
Feb 16: 10:10-11:00 MOVIE: The passion According to Mark

** PAPER # 1 DUE on Feb 23 (a paper on either 2 Corinthians, Philippians, Galatians; topic TBA; involves comparing four interpretations of the chosen letter)

Week 7. Feb 23-27 The Gospel according to Matthew
Readings: Matthew in NISB (Carter), INT (15-46), 102-107, 121-122;WBC (Levine), GBC (Duarte, Argentina & Ceuta, Africa & Sugirtharajah, India)
Suggested: Qumran Text (TBA); Scholz 121-136 (Lee, Women at the Lord’s Supper?)
351-367 (Schottroff: parable of the Vineyard and economic justice)
Feb 23: 10:10-11:00 MOVIE: the Sermon on the Mount

Week 8. March 1- 5 The Gospel according to Luke
Readings: Luke in NISB (Green), INT (15-46), 108-117,122-124, WBC (Schaberg), GBC (Ukpong, Nigeria & Kruger, Argentina)
Suggested: Hellenistic Text (TBA); Scholz 113-121 (Schaberg on Mary Magdalene)

MARCH 6-14 Spring Break

Week 9. March 15-19 The Acts of the Apotles
Readings: Acts in NISB (Reid), INT (15-46, 108-117,122-124), WBC (O’Day), GBC (Liew, China)

Week 10. March 22-26 The Gospel according to John and 1, 2, and 3 John
Readings: John and 1, 2, and 3 John in NISB (O’Day; Kysar), INT 145-162, WBC (O’Day), GBC (Park, Korea & Vassiliadis, Greece)
Suggested: Scholz 291-307 (Cook, Impact of NT on Jewish-Christian Relation) and GBC (Scholz and Cooper on Leviticus)

**QUIZ on March 29 on the Gospel and Acts


Week 11. March 29- April 2 Revelation
Readings: Revelation in NISB (Boring), INT 163-170, WBC (Garrett), GBC (Rowland, United Kingdom)
Suggested: Jewish Apocalyptic Text (TBA);

Week 12. April 5-9 Hebrews
Readings: Hebrews in NISB (Hagner), INT 141-143, WBC (D’Angelo), GBC (Tafana, Romania; Okure, Nigeria)

Week 13. April 12-16 The Pastoral Epistles
Readings: 1 & 2 Tim, Titus in NISB(Smith), INT 136-137, WBC (Dewey), GBC (Tamez, Costa Rica and Arichea, Philippines)
Suggested: Scholz 313-320 (Tamez, Good News for the Poor)

** QUIZ on April 14 on the Deutero-Pauline letters

Week 14. April 19-23 The Catholic Letters
Readings: James, 1 & 2 Peter, Jude. in NISB (Perkins, Senior, INT 138-141, WBC (Dowd), GBC (Conti, Uruguay; Ringe, USA)


FINAL PAPER DUE on April 26 (a paper on either Colossians, Ephesians, or James; topic TBA; involves comparing four interpretations of the chosen letter)

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