Lucas initially denotes Darth Vader as an evil character by his dress. Rather simplisiticly, Lucas associates the altruistic rebel forces with color and the evil Galactic Empire with black and white. During communication between fighter pilots, the rebels always refer to each other with color names, for example Red 2 or Gold Leader. By incorporating different shades of earth tones, Lucas differetiates the rebels from the black and white identified with the evil characters. Vader himself wears the same black suit and cape throughout the Trilogy, associating him with the evil of the Dark Side. The Emperorís costume also remains constant throughout the three films. The hood of the black cloak always remains over the Emperor¬ís head covering the evil mind that lay within. Darth Vader¬ís army of storm troopers also don the colors of the evil empire. The black undergarment with white protective plastic armor associates the storm troopers with evil. Finally, Lucas¬í connection between evil, the Galactic empire, and the color black is strengthened by the association with the ¬ďDark Side¬Ē of the Force. Clearly, Lucas intended to affiliate Vader with the evil of the Galactic Empire by dressing him in all black.

The introduction of Darth Vader in the opening scenes of Star Wars also present Vader as an evil character. Vader delivers his first lines of the film strangling a rebel leader while demanding the location of the plans for the evil Death Star. When the rebel refuses the information Vader desires, he throws the rebel against a wall and barks orders to find the plans to storm troopers. When not using his hands, Vader uses the force to strangle his victims, many are his own Galactic leaders. Vader’s willingness to expire both enemies and member of his own army with such ease proves the evil within his character.