Janet Macdonald
ph (615) 322-2719
fx (615) 343-1234
office: 7920 Stevenson Center

synthesis lab: 7930 Stevenson Center
lab phone: (615) 343-2658

Shipping Address:

Vanderbilt University
Chemistry Store Room
7300 Stevenson Center Ln
Nashville, TN 37235

Mailing Address:

2301 Vanderbilt Place
PMB 351822
Nashville, TN 37235


We are always looking for great people to join the group.

If you are prospecive PhD student, you can apply to the Vanderbilt Chemistry Program or to the Interdisciplinary Program in Materials Science.

If you are a potential postdoctoral fellow, please mail a CV and a list of references to Dr. Macdonald.

If you are an undergraduate wishing to conduct summer research or take a research course for credit, please see your academic advisor and also contact Dr. Macdonald about your interest.