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Regular departmental and campus events for undergraduate and graduate students

Many events enhance the German studies curriculum here at Vanderbilt. We run a German Film Series, invite guest speakers on topics ranging from literature and culture to current events to study and work opportunities in Germany and Europe, and sponsor a weekly "Kaffeestunde," where undergraduate and graduate students meet informally with faculty for conversation in German. Students are encouraged to consider living in or participating in programs at McTyeire International House, one of Vanderbilt's residential colleges, a place with a lively intellectual and social agenda.

Faculty Advisor to German Hall of McTyeire International House: Professor Angela Lin.

Recent Undergraduate Statistics (2001):
15 Undergraduates with either a major or minor in German

B.A./B.Mus (single/double majors):
Sara Boronow - Double major, Music (Cello Performance) & German
Darius Coulibaly - German
John Crombie - Double Major, German & Political Science
James Hood - German
Susan Schroeder - Double Major, Music (Violin Performance) & German
Beatrice Toepke - Double Major, German & Communications Studies

B.A./B.S./B.E. (minors):
Missy Andersen - Math Major, German Minor
Erin Hancock - Psychology Major, German Minor
Catherine Ruth Magill - Linguistics Major, German Minor
Jennifer Ramsdell - Psychology Major, German Minor
Allison Wolf - Math Moajor, German Minor
Michelle Zimmerman - English Major, German Minor

Recent Graduate and Undergraduate Awards

It is not uncommon for Vanderbilt graduate and undergraduate students to receive prestigious fellowships and awards such as Fulbright, DAAD, Mellon, and Delta Phi Alpha scholarships, all of which have been received by our students in recent years. Our graduate students regularly receive additional support in the form of Vanderbilt grants awarded to top incoming scholars.

DAAD Graduate Scholarships 2001-2002:
Robert Jenkins:
 Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach
Brian McInnis: 
Ruhr-Universitt Bochum

Fulbright Fellowships for Undergraduates:
Alexander Taylor
, Basel, Switzerland (2001-2002)
Catherine Magill, Innsbruck, Austria (Teaching Fellowship, 2001-2002)
Mark Pettus, St. Petersburg, Russia (2000-2001)

Delta Phi Alpha - German Honor Society

Vanderbilt University is home of the Delta Chapter of the National German Honor Society, Delta Phi Alpha. This chapter is the eighth oldest in the country, established in 1930.

Qualifications for membership are the following:

1. A minimum of two (2) years of college or university German or their equivalent with the attainment of sophomore standing and an official registration in an advanced course or its equivalent or corresponding advanced placement.

2. A minimum average standing of B+ or its equivalent in all German courses taken.

3. A minimum of B- or its equivalent in all courses of study at the college and university level.

4. Indication of continued interest in the study of German language and literature.

2001 Inductees: Sarah Grace Boronow, Darius Coulibaly, John Crombie, Carola Daffner, Laura Jayne Fitzgerald, Laurence Stratton Heckle, Kelly Jo Hinkle, Christian Hochleitner, Peter Krause, Adam Lubin, Megan Ann Lynch, Christina Marie Maple, Jeff Ritter, Marion Seidel, Kimberly Corinne Wehmueller, Erika Kathryn Weingarth

2000 Inductees: Melissa A. Andresen, Daniel J. Bowles, Jennifer R. Christopher, William J. Colaric, Erin L. Criste, Heather M. Hurt, Manish L. Jani, Daniel E. Kross, Adrienn Lazar, Benjamin J. Ludwig, Catherine R. Magill, Jennifer K. Ramsdell, Jennifer Rutherford, Xiaolin Zhao
Honorary Inductee: Dr. Karin Frank-Cyprus

1999 Inductees: Sara Anderson, Karen Burciaga, Steve Evans, Karen Friedman, Susan Schroeder, Allison Wolf, Jon Wood, Erika Zielke, Laura Davenport, Robert Jenkins, Mark Lee, Holly Liu, Brian McInnis, Anja Bandas, Christian Seidl

1998 Inductees: Kent Bell, Eszter Elekes, Laurie Johnson, Monica Duda, Bernadette Hyner, Meike Werner, Anton Hie, Deanna Kendall, Adam Hunter, Michelle Schultz, Natalia Mielczarek, Katherine Miller, Kenneth Nelson, Jaclyn Petrozelli, Mark Pettus, Isabell Rahe, Kelly Randall, Kristin Smith, Alexander Taylor
Honorary Inductee: Ursula Hoffmann-Lange

If you have any questions about Delta Phi Alpha, please contact the faculty advisor, Meike Werner, at