Graduation 2001
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AMB.jpg (113654 bytes)Recent PhD graduate Bernadette Hyner (far right) with faculty members Kalliopi Nikolopoulou, Angela Lin and Meike Werner (left to right).


DD2.jpg (127415 bytes)David McMurray (center) and his wife with his Doktorvater, Professor Dieter Sevin.


MAB.jpg (114077 bytes)Dr. Meike Werner (lt.), Professor Alice Harris (Dept. Chair) and Bernadette enjoy a laugh after graduation.


MB.jpg (113105 bytes)Dr. Meike Werner (lt.) and Bernadette Hyner.


Brian.jpg (126721 bytes)M.A. graduate Brian McInnis, his father and Bernadette Hyner's husband discussing the day's events.


CK.jpg (121640 bytes)M.A. graduate Kai Hochleiter and Ph.D. candidate Claudia Schlee.


Kb.jpg (111878 bytes)Brian McInnis and Kai Hochleiter sample tasty buffet items after the ceremony.