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In June 2000, we celebrated the 100th anniversary of Moses Gomberg's seminal discoveries and publications on triphenylmethyl with “Gomberg 2000: A Century of Organic Free Radical Chemistry.” The conference featured all aspects of organic radicals, mechanism and theory, synthesis, free radicals in biology, and polymers.

The meeting, organized by the International Society for Organic Free Radicals (ISOFR), was held at the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, June 25 - 29, 2000. Plenary sessions featured lectures and parallel sessions featured one Keynote Lecture and discussion followed by thirty-minute contributed talks. Additionally, attendees participated in poster sessions and informal discussions.

Gomberg National Historic Landmark Ceremony
The conference began with the “Gomberg Historical Landmark Ceremony”, followed by a plenary session on Gomberg and his chemistry. The highlight of the evening was the presentation of a National Historic Chemical Landmark Award to the University of Michigan by the American Chemical Society for “The Discovery of Organic Free Radicals by Moses Gomberg.” This prestigious award symbolizes the impact of research in free radicals over the last century on science and society.

M. Buback, Göttingen J. Kozarich, Rahway
C. Chatgilialoglu, Bologna M. Marletta, Ann Arbor
D. Crich, Chicago K. Matyjaszewski, Pittsburgh
D. Curran, Pittsburgh G. Molander, Philadelphia
G. Fuchs, Freiburg M. Newcomb, Detroit
B. Giese, Basel G. Pattenden, Nottingham
R. Gilbert, Sydney E. Rizzardo, Melbourne
Y. Guindon, Montreal C. Rüchardt, Freiburg
D. Haddleton, Coventry M. Sibi, Fargo
C. Hawker, Almaden J. Stubbe, Boston
K. Ingold, Ottawa K. Wieghardt, Mannheim
P. Jones, Ann Arbor H. Zipse, München
S. Kim, Seoul  

Organizers and Speakers in front of the house of Moses Gomberg

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