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VIIBRE ABC - Confocal Screening Microscope

PerkinElmer Opera QEHS 2.0

Please review this PDF presentation for features and capabilities of the instrument and correlating HCS/HTS software.

VIIBRE's PerkinElmer Opera QEHS 2.0

Opera Stage and TLED

Cortez Lab

4 laser sources (405, 488, 561, 640 nm)

tunable UV/VIS (350 - 410 nm)

TLED (brightfield)


10 x Air

20 x Air

20 x Water Immersion*

40 x Air

40 x Water Immersion*

*Water-immersion objectives ensure the highest resolution of subcellular features,
while air objectives offer exceptional working distance.


3 Peltier-cooled high-resolution CCD cameras (1.3 MP, 12-bit)

1 non-confocal camera (used for UV/Vis)


Wide range of fluorescent emission filter combinations (450/50, 520/35, 540/75, 565/40, 585/40, 600/40, 690/50)

Ultra-fast laser based autofocus (0.1s)

Motorized stage and z-focus drive

Accepts 96, 384, 1536 wellplates, microscope glass slides, and custom microfluidics

Optical Path

Optical Path

Objective Specs


Opera Height Allowances for Wellplates and Microfluidic Assemblies

Opera Height Allowance w/TLED


To learn more about the Opera's capabilities, please visit PerkinElmer's website or send us an email to discuss your specific assay needs with our core manager.

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Automated Biosystems Core NEWS:

- Newly added to the core -

40x AIR objective (longer working distance than our 40x water immersion)

Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software

  • 16 TB Image Server for Core Users