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VIIBRE ABC - New User Information

Available for everybody


Getting Started

If you are interested in using the Opera microscope for your research, you have two choices to get started. 

  1. Screening4Hire : Depending upon availability, we can aqcuire the images for you, help you get started with a customized image analysis script, and train somebody from your lab to run the very user-friendly image analysis software. This option works best if you are just getting started. However, you will be charged for actual staff time in addition to microscope time.
  2. Self-service : Have someone from your lab trained to use the microscope and software and acquire your own data. This is your best option if you plan to acquire a lot of data. You will not be charged for staff time other than during training hours.

Please contact Vanessa Allwardt at to set up an initial meeting to discuss your assay design in regards to the instrument, your specific imaging needs, and for any questions to be answered.

After that we can schedule instrument and analysis software training or, to get you started more quickly, you can benefit from our Screening4Hire option and let us do the image acquisition and/or image analysis.


C.O.R.E.S. Account Setup Instructions

Payment for core services is billed through the Office of Research C.O.R.E.S. system. In addition, if you would like to schedule your own imaging time, you are required to use the C.O.R.E.S. booking system to reserve time in the Automated Biosystems Core labs.

To request access as an authorized user of the CORES system, please fill out and submit the form available here.

Once you have received notification from the Office of Research that you have a CORES account, or if you are already using the CORES system, please send an email to the VIIBRE Automated Biosystems Core Manager [] for final account approval and details on training and additional information. You will then receive notification that you are ready to go.

Account authorization may take a few days so please plan ahead.

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Automated Biosystems Core NEWS:

- Newly added to the core -

40x AIR objective (longer working distance than our 40x water immersion)

Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software

  • 16 TB Image Server for Core Users