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VIIBRE ABC - Image Analysis Software

PerkinElmer Columbus TM – HTS/HCS Image Analysis Software


Columbus TM is a server-based image analysis software program that is specifically designed for use with large image volumes such as all data acquired on the Opera microscope.

You may access the analysis server and work with your images from any computer as long as you have provided us with a stable IP address (usually not suitable for wireless networks).

 Columbus Features


Example Algorithm Sets for Automated Batch Analysis:  
Count nuclei, cells, spots, micronuclei
Select cell regions e.g., cytoplasm, texture regions, image regions
Calculate and compare fluorescence intensity, morphology and texture properties, select sub-populations
Define mean, std dev, median , sum, min/max
Get results mean, std dev, median , sum, min/max

... and many more


To learn more about Columbus TM , please visit PerkinElmer's website or watch the tutorial.



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Registered User Links:

Columbus Analysis Server

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Automated Biosystems Core NEWS:

- Newly added to the core -

40x AIR objective (longer working distance than our 40x water immersion)

Volocity 3D Image Analysis Software

  • 16 TB Image Server for Core Users