RLST 209 and DIV/REL 2511: The New Testament /Spring 2004

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Opening the discussion in one’s group: 4 times: 7.5% each = 30%
First Paper 7-9 pages (due Feb 23) = 15%
Final Paper 10-12 pages (due April 16) = 25%
Four Quizzes/ Very Short Exams; 6.25 % ea. = 25%
(Jan 26 on critical methods in New Testament Studies; Feb 16 on the Pauline letters; March 29 on the Gospel and Acts; April 14 on the Deutero-Pauline epistles)
Participation = 5%

HONOR CODE: Throughout the semester, you are under the Honor Code of Vanderbilt University. All your quizzes, reports and papers should represent YOUR OWN work – and in the case of joint projects your own work in collaboration with other students you identify. Identify your sources, so as to avoid plagiarism. Sign your work as a pledge of compliance with the Honor Code (i.e., you wrote it without receiving aid from--or giving aid to--any other person, except as specified).

Final Update: Jan.13, 2004

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