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Immersion Vanderbilt QEP Committee


This committee will gather and vet immersion-related projects from the broad campus community (students, staff, faculty, alumni, or board members) for the Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP) to be submitted to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges during spring 2016 for implementation fall 2017.  The QEP must be focused, manageable, measureable, and meaningful as a subset of “immersion” from the Academic Strategic Plan. An initial idea-generating phase during early Fall (with an October 15 deadline) will lead to the solicitation of fuller 10-page proposals to be shared with the campus community in early spring. The committee will compile and evaluate feedback from the campus and make a recommendation for the QEP to the Provost no later than March 2016. 


  • Cynthia Cyrus, vice provost for learning and residential affairs; professor of Musicology, chair; 
  • Lisa Bressman, associate dean for academic affairs, Law School; David Daniels Allen Distinguished Chair of Law; 
  • Derek Bruff, director, Vanderbilt Center for Teaching; senior lecturer, department of mathematics; 
  • Roger Chalkley, senior associate dean for biomedical research, education and training, School of Medicine; professor of molecular physiology and biophysics; professor of medical education and administration; 
  • Frank Dobson , assistant dean of students; director, Bishop Joseph Johnson Black Cultural Center; faculty head of house, Gillette House;
  • Daniel Fleetwood, Olin H. Landreth Professor of Engineering; chair, Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science; professor of electrical engineering; professor of physics; 
  • Brian Heuser, assistant professor, department of leadership, policy and organizations, Peabody College; 
  • Richard Iannelli , senior associate director, Vanderbilt Institutional Research Group;
  • Rebecca Levinson , president, Graduate Student Council;
  • Dan Morgan, associate dean, College of Arts and Science; senior lecturer, department of earth and environmental sciences;
  • Melissa Rose, associate dean for the collegiate program, Blair School of Music; associate professor of piano; 
  • Mavis Schorn, senior associate dean for academics, School of Nursing; professor; 
  • Lizzy Shahnasarian, student-body president, Vanderbilt Student Government;
  • Phillis Sheppard, interim associate dean for academic affairs, Divinity School; associate professor of religion, psychology, and culture;
  • Consuelo Wilkins , executive director, Meharry-Vanderbilt Alliance, VUMC;
  • Richard Willis , Anne Marie and Thomas B. Walker, Jr. Professor of Accounting, Owen Graduate School of Management; and
  • Melissa Wocher , chair, Strategic Plan Staff Advisory Council.

Graduate Assistant: Connor Deason, Peabody College


To offer feedback, you may email any of the committees members including Vice Provost Cynthia Cyrus at