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Nashville LGBTQI Friendly Housing

While undergraduate students have a four-year residential requirement to live on-campus, there is currently no on-campus housing option for graduate students. In addition, faculty/staff new to the area may be seeking LGBTQ2S+ friendly housing. Here are some resources:

Finding a roommate

The University hosts an Off-Campus Housing Referral Service for all members of the community to both post and look for roommates. We encourage LGBTQ2S+ and friendly folks who feel comfortable to identify this openly in their ads.

If you feel comfortable, you may consider posting any available rooms or desired room specifications in the following Nashville LGBTQ2S+ Facebook groups:

LGBTQIA Nashville

Queer Exchange Nashville

NashBeepBeep & Nash Les Bos (Queer Women)

Additionally, you can join and post in any of the Vanderbilt graduate student groups’ Facebook pages:

Divinity School: Gable

School of Nursing: LGBT @ VUSN

Peabody College: Queering and Embracing Diversity (Q.Ed.)


Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce
Search “Realty” or “Realtor” under the membership directory.

Please note: we cannot endorse specific realtors or realty companies.

Discrimination in housing

University community members who experience discrimination from individuals or landlords listed on the University Off-Campus Housing Referral Service should contact the Office of Housing and Residential Education.

For housing found outside of the University’s referral service site:
While sexual orientation and gender identity are not listed in the protected categories for housing non-discrimination for the state of Tennessee, individuals seeking mediation between themselves and a landlord could attempt to do so through the Metro Human Relations Commission.