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Content from our Conference Sessions

Howard Zehr & Restorative Justice

Michelle Alexander & The New Jim Crow

Michelle Alexander, activist, attorney, and author of The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, spoke for the Re-Visioning Justice in America Conference at Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville on April 18, 2015. Listen to a recording of her keynote address, or check out notes from the presentation and Q&A here.

The Death Penalty in Tennessee

From the Rev. Stacy Rector, Ndume Olatushani, and countless other activists at Tennesseeans Against the Death Penalty, this video provides background information on the issue, and possibilities for rethinking capitol punishment. Check out this fact sheet for the basics issues surrounding the death penalty.

Transformative Justice

A Formula for Change: Advocacy in the Courts, the Legislature and the Streets

Daniel Horwitz, an appellate and election law attorney practicing in Nashville, offered wisdom for legislative engagement in his talk at Re-Visioning Justice in America. See notes from his work, and check out the presentation from fellow presenter, Sekou Franklin, PhD here.

Forever a Felon: Pitfalls of Re-Entry

Pippa Holloway, Jim McNamara, Andrew Ross, and Ndume Olatushani explored the challenges facing the formerly incarcerated, and the ways that society sets this vulnerable population up for re-entry. Learn more from their session notes, or at Pippa's blogpost at Oxford University Press.

Roundtable on Higher Education in Prisons 

In this panel, connections of incarceration and education were explored expert teachers and professors with years of experience teaching in prisons. Hear audio from the session, and read notes about the material here.

Cradle to Prison Pipeline

Speakers Damien Durr, Rasheedat Fetuga, Ndume Olatushani and Casey Wilson explored the "Cradle to Prison Pipeline" that sets children up for incarceration. Learn more from their work in these presentation notes.

Visual Listening

In our final action session on Sunday, Nashville artist and "Visual Listener" Jody Lentz mapped our conversations and resources. See Jody's artistic representation of justice dialogue.