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Get to Know Brightspace

As the administrative home for Brightspace, the Center for Teaching (CFT) is excited to provide both technical and pedagogical support for instructors using Brightspace across campus.  Whether you’re interested in learning how Brightspace tools can support your teaching goals or you have a technical question – the CFT can help.

This page serves as a jumping off point, whether you are getting started with your Brightspace course or you’re in seek of help. Explore the top menu bar to learn more about what the Brightspace Support team can offer!

Online Course Development Resources

These Course Development Resouces (CDR) will walk you through the online course development process drawing on research, best practices, and existing resources from around the web and from the Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching (CFT) and Brightspace Support at the CFT. Engage with this site as a Self-Paced Course or an On-Demand Resource.


Visit the CDR page!



One-Button studio

Take your videos to the next level using the One Button Studio. The One Button Studio is an automated, simplified video studio on campuse that can be used without any previous video production experience. The studio is equipped with a combination of special hardware and software that allows users to simply plug a flash drive into a USB port and push a button to start recording. All of the lighting, audio, and video equipment is already in place so no set-up is required.

Learn more about the One Button Studio here