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Organization Tools

As a Student Organization Leader, you have could have full access to view or manage all the organization tools listed or limited access to view or manage one or a few of the tools listed below. Please consult with your organization’s leadership to ensure you have proper access to the tools you need.


The Roster organization tool is the master list of all student members in your organization. If you have access to manage this tool, you have the ability to manage positions for the organization, send organization messages, invite members, remove members, and approve pending memberships.

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The About tool allows you to update some of your organization’s basic details, such as the profile photo, description, summary for the organization directory, contact information, and social media links.

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The Events tool allows you to create and manage your organization’s events. Submit an event request, or manage an individual event, including inviting attendees, tracking participation, or changing an event’s details.

If you would like to checkout a card reader, you are able to do this through the campus library and you can check this out for your events.

If you would like to purchase a card reader or “tapper” for your organization to collect attendance at your event, please complete the Card Reader Purchase Request Form. Readers are $125 and by ordering through this form you will ensure the reader is the correct model and that it will come programmed to work with Anchor Link. Once you submit this form please allow five to seven days to receive confirmation that your order is ready for pickup. Order pickup is at the Card Services office located in Sarratt Student Center.

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The News tool helps you share what your organization is doing with the community. You can create, edit, and delete News posts from this area.

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The Photo Gallery helps you create a more visually appealing organization homepage. Photos are a great way to show off the exciting things your organization has done! Your gallery photos will be showcased at the top of your organization’s public-facing page.

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The Documents tool allows you to create a shared storage space for important organizational files. You can share these files publicly or only with certain members or Position holders within your organization.

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Use the Forms tool to move any of your organization’s paper forms into Engage. Use forms for sign-ups, interest forms, applications, and more!

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The Elections tool allows you to create elections for you organization, either for the entire community to vote on, or exclusive to organization members.

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If your campus utilizes the Organization Accounting/Finance feature, you will be able to submit financial requests for your organization.

Click the Finance tab under Student Organization Leader for more details.

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Service Hours

If your campus utilizes the Service Hours feature, you will be able to submit service hours on behalf of your organization’s members.

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