DOE Early Career Award

Prof. Young has received a DOE Early Career Award to study metabolic engineering approaches for maximizing carbon flux from carbon dioxide to biofuels in cyanobacterial hosts.

Lara wins DOE SCGF

Lara wins a DOE Office of Science Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations!

Casey joins the lab

Casey Duckwall has joined the lab as a PhD student.

Jessi wins first-place poster

Jessi wins first-place poster award at the 2011 AIChE Annual Student Conference. Congratulations!

New paper published

New paper published in Metabolic Engineering

New paper published

New paper published in BMC Systems Biology

NIH R21 award

Prof. Young has received an NIH R21 award to study metabolic pathway alterations that fuel the growth of tumor cells driven by the MYC oncogene.

Lina wins NSF GRF

Lina wins an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship. Congratulations!

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