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Write at the Studio

Just need time and space to write?

Here at the Writing Studio, we have the space, if you have the time. We invite you to come claim a spot to sit and write at our main location (1801 Edgehill Ave.).

Whether you need a table to spread out on or a cozy chair, we have a variety of spaces for you to choose from. While you work, you can grab a coffee or tea and stay until we close at 10:00pm (Sunday-Thursday).

But it’s also a great way to…

Maximize your chances of snagging a walk-in appointment.

Yes, working here in our space is also one of the best ways to secure a walk-in appointment with one of our writing consultants when our availability looks slimmest.

That’s because we may look fully booked online, but the sad reality is that the busier the semester gets, the more frequently writers cancel at the last minute or never arrive for their appointment. Some evenings we end up with openings almost every hour.

So, head over to the Writing Studio, put your name on our walk-in list at the front desk, and scope out a prime spot for yourself. We’ll let you know when we have a no-show appointment, and, in the meantime, you’ll have the chance to settle in and get your work done nearby in a quiet, productive setting. Everybody wins!

(We love our online waitlist feature, and we hope you do, too, but are you likely to run across campus to an appointment that begins in five minutes? You won’t need to run, though, if you’re already here.)

Are you a graduate student? Come write alongside your peers.

At the Writing Studio, we know that sometimes graduate students just need time to write. Our three Dissertation Writers Retreats and new Graduate / Postdoc Writing Groups provide just that, as well as a way of connecting to a supportive community of similar writers.

Whether it is our long-standing annual Dissertation Writers’ Retreat series or our newer weekly Writing Groups for Graduate Students and Postdocs*, the Writing Studio offers programming that aims to help graduate students get words on the page, while creating spaces for connecting with a supportive community of similar writers.

* Due to changes in our scheduling, the graduate writing groups have been canceled through the end of the spring semester. Regular meetings will resume again beginning the first week of May. We look forward to seeing you then!


It’s one more way we can help you achieve your writing goals.