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Online Consultations in WCONLINE: Using the Toolbar

The Writing Studio and Tutoring Services now offer synchronous online consultations as an important resource for Vanderbilt students who would benefit due to a variety of extenuating circumstances. Below is a guide to some of the tools available in WCONLINE, our online appointment platform.

Using The Toolbar in WCONLINE



The “arrows” button is the Import/Export tool. Clients can use it to import a full document to the text collaboration whiteboard. Imported text does not get automatically highlighted in the way that text typed or copied onto the whiteboard space is. Don’t forget the Export option! At the end of session, you might remind clients they can use the import/export tool to download the contents of the whiteboard to a document they can save.


The “eye” symbol will remove the “track changes” highlighting from text in the whiteboard. It can remove all highlight at once (useful, for instance, if a client has pasted a whole essay onto the whiteboard).


The clock icon opens the session archive. The user can scroll back and forth through changes made during the session and export any version of the white board material. (It will also kick you out of the session when you click on it, so be aware.)



The Camera button turns your own audio and video feed off (if you need to reset your feed or don’t want to appear on camera).


The Question Mark will take you to the WCOnline Manual page on Synchronous Online Meetings.



The “Pi” button is the Embed Mathjax tool. You can use it to embed mathematical notation in the whiteboard.



The Pencil button is the Drawing tool. It allows you to draw directly on the whiteboard. Clicking it opens a drawing window. The drawing window has its own toolbar with buttons to choose a pencil or paintbrush to draw with, select and move  your drawing, clear your drawing, upload an image, among others.


The group head and shoulders button tells you how many people are using the chat window and allows you to change your display name and text chat color.