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Connect Your Students with the Writing Studio

The partnership between faculty members and the Writing Studio is vital to our mission of helping students become increasingly more effective and independent writers and thinkers. Faculty are the best advocates of Writing Studio services. We thank you for recommending Studio appointments to undergraduate and graduate students at all skill levels.

Besides generally recommending one-to-one writing consultations to students, we invite you to consider including information about the Writing Studio in your syllabus.

Writing Studio syllabus information

One of the easiest ways to let students know that you want them to make use of the Writing Studio is to include a supportive statement on your syllabus, on Brightspace, or on individual assignments. We invite you to copy the example below and paste it into your syllabus:

One-on-on Writing Support at the Writing Studio

In addition to meeting with me during office hours to discuss coursework, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the services at the Writing Studio; getting feedback benefits writers at all skill levels. Writing Studio consultants can offer a fresh perspective on any of your writing projects. For more information and to schedule an appointment, visit

Other ways to connect your students with the Writing Studio.

Invite a Writing Consultant to introduce your class to the Writing Studio or deliver a workshop in your classroom.

Nominate your students for the Undergraduate Writing Symposium or to become Undergraduate Writing Consultants.