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Accident/Injury Reporting

In the event of an accident resulting in an injury, follow the procedures listed in the HR Policy, "Work-Related Accident and Return to Work".

Immediately following an accident/injury:

  • In the event an employee is injured at work, he/she is to report the injury to his/her supervisor immediately or as soon as is practical.
  • Upon being notified of the injury, the supervisor is to complete the “First Report of Injury” form.
  • If the injury requires medical attention;
    • The supervisor directs the employee to the Vanderbilt Occupational Health Clinic (VOHC).
    • For injuries requiring immediate care after hours or on weekends when VOHC is closed, the supervisor directs the employee to the Adult Emergency Department (ED).
  • When medical care is required away from campus, the employee reports to the nearest medical provider walk-in clinic for minor injuries.
  • For a serious injury, 911 should be called in order to secure immediate medical attention at the nearest emergency department.
  • Time spent in the initial medical visit due to a compensable work-related injury is considered work time. Once seen, a determination will be made to send the employee home or return him/her to work. 

Reporting Work-Related Accidents/Injuries/Illnesses

  1. The injured employee reports his/her injury to the direct supervisor immediately following the event.
  2. Upon being advised of the injury, the supervisor on duty at the time of the injury is to report immediately to the scene of the accident, as appropriate, to ensure prompt medical attention for the employee(s) involved and to address any safety hazards which may have caused or contributed to the injury. In the event the injury occurs outside the employee's home department, the supervisor on duty in the area where the injury occurs is to report to the scene immediately.
  3. It is essential that the supervisor complete the “First Report of Work Injury” form within 48 hours. 
  4. In addition to completing the form, the supervisor is to inform Workers’ Compensation of the names of any persons who may have witnessed the injury.
  5. The supervisor is to advise Workplace Safety Office of immediate hazards which warrant prompt investigation and/or remedy at 615-566-9158.

For more information please see the Workers’ Compensation website