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Diversity in Hiring

At Vanderbilt University we seek to achieve a working and learning environment that is open to all people. Our goal is to attract, develop, and retain the best talent to further its noble mission by ensuring an environment in which all people feel welcome and free to come and achieve their highest potential. 

The Talent Fulfillment team partners with hiring managers, colleges, and departments in building a solid Diversity & Inclusion foundation to help meet complex diversity recruitment and retention resolutions as well as unique diversity and inclusion education efforts.

  • Assist and collaborate with colleges and departments in their efforts to recruit diverse staff
  • Monitor the recruiting, hiring, advancement and retention efforts of staff 
  • Through education, create an environment for effective cross-cultural communication, cross-cultural engagement, and respect of unique differences in the staff community.
  • Create a welcoming community that is inclusive, nurturing, respectful, supportive, and that fosters inclusive excellence.
  • Share best practices that advance diversity, inclusion, and cultural intelligence, and enhance best practices. 

Whatever the needs of a group are, the Talent Fulfillment team will help find the best people to add to a growing team. We help departments succeed by attracting, recruiting, and retaining the quality and diverse staff.  A variety of resources, best practices, and guidelines are available to supervisors, hiring managers, and search committee members to assist with each step of the recruitment and selection process.

Our services include:

  • Full-Cycle Recruiting : This full-service option allows recruiters to own and provide a highly professional and specialized touch to all phases of the recruitment process.
  • Recruitment Plans: Our team builds robust recruitment plans to include diverse advertising strategies for niche recruitments. 
  • Targeted Diversity Outreach: We ensure applicant pools are representative of the diverse Vanderbilt community. With an extensive list of community contacts, organizations, and groups curated by our Diversity Recruitment & Outreach Manager, we reach out to advertise open positions to diverse communities and populations.
  • Social Media : Our social-media-savvy recruiters allow you to stay competitive with jobs advertised on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. 
  • Sourcing:  Our recruiters perform a talent search for passive candidates for hard to fill positions.
  • Interview Guidance: We help groups implement a strong screening process so teams can zero in on the right talent.
  • Unconscious Bias Resistance: In order to preserve the integrity of the interviewing and hiring selection processes, we identify and mitigate unconscious bias to avoid adversely impacting the overall human capital acquisition process