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The Wolbachia Project has moved to Penn State! Please visit our new website at:

Discover the Microbes Within! The Wolbachia Project is highly regarded and often the highlight of the year for students. Teachers love the curriculum, flexibility, and support The Wolbachia Project offers.

Selected student testimonials:

Collage of students working on molecular biology (gels, PCR) in a classroom.
Students in Mrs. Wierzbowski’s classroom at Woburn Memorial High School.
  • “The Wolbachia labs helped me further explore my interest in biological science. I found this subject particularly interesting because it was something I had no prior knowledge of, despite over half the world’s insect population being infected. Another thing I enjoyed about the lab was that collecting our own bugs personalized it and made it more interesting. Collecting them was rewarding because it had a purpose, and it helped me get over my fear of bugs a little bit. This was my first time doing a lab experiment where I had to 1) sterilize my workspace, 2) wear gloves and goggles, and 3) work over the span of several days.”
  • “Thanks a lot for your support! This project gave us a first insight into DNA analysis and now we are able to formulate other research questions in this field on our own.”
  • “The most hands-on biology experiment I’ve done to date.”
  • “I especially enjoyed learning about how Wolbachia can be used to suppress the population of mosquitoes due to the nuances of how it works (population replacement through the release of Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes, and population suppression through the release of male Wolbachia-infected mosquitoes).

Selected teacher testimonials:

  • “I am so thankful for the work you have done on behalf of our students. Their projects would have been at a dead end without your support. Now they have a great learning experience and know so much more about Wolbachia.”
  • “This was my first intro to molecular bio in the classroom and it changed my teaching and career forever. I am grateful. Thank you!”
  • “3 of my formers students that were involved have gone on to work on Masters and PhD’s related to that kind of science. My point is that this program is effective in engaging students and I would love to assist in seeing it continue in that direction.”
  • “In college we participated in the Wolbachia Project and participating in that research opportunity really made an impact. Now that I am a High School Biology teacher and will be teaching AP Biology next school year the thought of bringing this opportunity to my high school students is very exciting. It is definitely something I would like to bring to my students.”
  • “Thank you again for taking time to speak to our students last week about the Wolbachia Project. When you disconnected from the Zoom call, students erupted in a round of applause and were very chatty about how excited they were to begin this project.”