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Vanderbilt welcomes the Wolbachia Project

May. 10, 2017—The Bordenstein lab is proud to welcome the Wolbachia Project to Vanderbilt University! We look forward to bringing real-world scientific research to the local community and hope to build upon the many collaborations we’ve developed over the past decade. If you are interested in learning more about this integrative lab series, or just want to...

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Note about PCR protocols

May. 10, 2017—The PCR lab lists two different protocols depending on your preferred Taq polymerase. Each protocol has an optimal annealing temperature for PCR. Main Protocol The main protocol uses Taq polymerase from either Fisher (K1081) or NEB (M0484S). With these reagents, the best annealing temperature is 49°C. If you use a higher annealing temperature (55°C), only...

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