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Additional Resources

Academy of Science Teacher’s Guide

Discover the Microbes Within! faculty member George Wolfe developed this guide to assist teachers in incorporating the Wolbachia labs into the Biology curriculum at the Loudon Co. Academy of Science. It includes connections with other material, relevant background and assessment points.

Acton-Boxborough Regional High School Teaching Materials

Brian Dempsey, assisted by Yuan Kang, taught a summer course based on the Wolbachia lab series at Acton-Boxborough Regional High School, Acton, MA. The syllabus is attached, along with a molecular biology glossary, BioEdit tutorial, powerpoint slides, and assessment questions on dna extraction, pcr and bioinformatics.

Wolbachia In the Encyclopedia of Life

The Encyclopedia of Life (EOL) is a free, online collaborative encyclopedia intended to document all of the 1.8 million living species known to science. It is compiled from existing databases and from contributions by experts and non-experts throughout the world. It aims to build one “infinitely expandable” page for each species, including video, sound, images, graphics, as well as text.

Encyclopedia of Life’s Wolbachia Page

The Microbes Within WebQuest

The Microbes Within leads students on a guided exploration of the alpha-proteobacterium Wolbachia and challenges them to consider the relevance of this obligate, intracellular symbiont with respect to the evolution of species, insect reproduction and human health.

Students are presented with an issue of medical concern and must take advantage of modern-day research to provide persuasive advice to you, the Director of the CDC, through delivery of either a written or oral report. The activity builds upon understanding of basic biology and highlights the impact that one microbe might have on the health of millions worldwide.

The Microbes Within WebQuest