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Vanderbilt Students Give

There is strength in numbers. Each year, gifts of all sizes from students combine with those of alumni and friends to have a tremendous impact on you, your peers and your college experience. From scholarships to new programs and everything in between, generous donors help make Vanderbilt one of the best places in the nation to learn, live and grow.

Don’t wait until you graduate to be counted among our important community of support. By making a gift of any size to the area of Vanderbilt that means the most to you, you can join our worldwide network of alumni to have an impact on your school, your favorite student organization, Athletics and thousands of other areas of campus.

GRANT BROWN, Class of 2021

Grant Brown

 "I gave because I want to leave a positive legacy at Vanderbilt. The culture of giving  back is pervasive at Vanderbilt, and I have benefitted greatly from the mentors and donors who have helped me. Now, it's my turn to give back so that future students can have an even better Vanderbilt experience."

PEYTON BOYD, Class of 2021

Peyton Boyd

"I give because this is one of the few opportunities where I have the power to dictate what organization on campus receives my contribution.   Additionally, I am fortunate enough to have had this Vanderbilt experience because of donor funding, so I want to help pass on the same opportunity to someone else.”

OWEN BRODY, Class of 2021

Owen Brody

" When I think about why I gave, I always come back to my experience at Vanderbilt, and how fulfilling it was.  I got to participate in a really strong community and got to engage a lot with Nashville.  Honestly, the majority of my memories from college and knowledge that I gained were outside of the classroom.  And yet so many students at this University don't have access to these same experiences for a bunch of different reasons, not least among them financial.  Senior Class Fund, in partnership with Experience Vanderbilt, allows students to have these same experiences, to not just learn about academics, by stepping in with funding where it is needed.  I gave so that any and every student can have their own fulfilling college experience."

KELLY EDWARDS, Class of 2021

Kelly Edwards

"I gave to help fund Experience Vanderbilt to enable future students to be able to do whatever organizations they want without worrying about funding them to make sure they have the most fruitful Vanderbilt experience they can."

MADISON EDWARDS, Class of 2021

Madison Edwards

"I gave to help the orgs that continue to help me. Even though I won't be here next year, I want these orgs to be successful and to be able to host events without worrying about cost."

AARON HUNT, Class of 2021

Aaron Hunt

  "Giving is one of those acts that isn't really about us. It's about the people who come after and behind us. Someone gave before we came and funded our   experiences while we grew. It's only right to give in the hopes that someone behind   us will grow in the same way. And when that happens, I can't wait to see what they'll do!"

JEFFREY SONG, Class of 2021

Jeffrey Song

"I gave to help orgs that have had a significant impact on my Vanderbilt   experience. I want to help ensure that these orgs can keep doing the things they want to do in the future."

Seniors Give Back

Few traditions are as time-honored as seniors giving back to Vanderbilt financially before they graduate. It’s an effort that dates back to 1915, when 150 seniors pledged to give a total of $15,000 to Vanderbilt. The Class of 2022 will continue this tradition. Consider a gift of $20.22 to honor your time at Vanderbilt and pay it forward to ensure future students have access to the same opportunities you’ve had—and more!