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2017-18 VPA Committees

The past members of our standing committees for the 2017-18 academic year were:


A. Committee on Scholarly Learning – This committee will be responsible for selecting speakers (either internal or external) for regular seminars or workshops of interest to the postdocs, organizing an annual postdoc poster symposium at Vanderbilt, and inviting a noted individual for our Postdoc Distinguished Speaker series.

Members: Kathryn Trogden, Monica Ridgeway, Alexander Conley, Ralph Hazlewood, Meher Juttukonda, Geoffrey Li


B. Committee on Social Activities – This committee will be responsible for planning, organizing, and implementing social activities for the postdoc community. These include the annual summer family picnic, annual holiday party, happy hours, service events, and other social events that the committee decides on.

Members: Chris Smith, Alexander Conley, Scott Jafarian, Dusty Miller


C. Committee on Postdoc Advocacy – This committee will evaluate concerns and/or complaints from postdocs and pass those on to the executive committee who will bring up problems to the appropriate people. Furthermore, this committee is responsible for creating and sending out quarterly (or bi-annual) surveys to solicit input from postdocs on problems and/or needs.

Members: Anneke Sanders, Ralph Hazlewood


D. Committee on Communications – This committee will be responsible for communication with the Vanderbilt postdoc community. Three subcommittees are responsible for Social media, the VPA website, and the VPA newsletter. The chair and subcommittees will make all effort to connect with as many Vanderbilt postdocs as possible.

- Subcommittee for Website. Members: Chris Smith, Mohit Chadha, Aaron May

- Subcommittee for Newsletter. Members: Anneke Sanders, Laura Daniel, Niyati Vachharajani 

- Subcommittee for Social Media. Members: Anneke Sanders, Laura Daniel, Niyati Vachharajani


E. Committee on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – This committee will organize events that have a specific focus on underrepresented women, LGBTQ and ethnic/racial populations within their disciplines, whilst aiding the entire postdoc community. This committee will gather information from postdocs on their sources of support on campus and organize events based on the postdocs’ needs.

Members: Monica Ridgeway


Those involved in the important task of outreach to postdocs and the greater Vanderbilt & Nashville communities extend beyond the 5 standing committees as they assist them in promoting events and achieving the goals of the VPA.

Members of our Outreach group are: Kathryn Trogden, Alexander Conley, Zhenfang Du, Alessandro Fascetti, Meher Juttokonda, Lyndsey Seldin