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BONUS VISE Seminar: Elena A. Kaye, PhD

Posted by on Monday, December 4, 2017 in News.

VISE Seminar to be delivered by

Elena A. Kaye, PhD,
Assistant Attending Physicist, Department of Physics,
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center







Date: Tuesday, December 5, 2017 (notice different day)
Time: 12:10pm start, noon – folks, cookies and coffee on this one…
Place: Stevenson Center 5326

Title: Achieving Sufficient Margins in Image-guided Thermal Ablation: Examples in Liver and Prostate

Abstract: Image-guided thermal ablation is a minimally-invasive treatment for a broad range of tumors. It is generally considered to have lower complication rates compared to surgery, however, the rate of local tumor progression limits wider adoption of the ablative technology. In a number of applications, local tumor progression has been linked to the size of ablative margin. However, achieving ablative margin of sufficient size still remains challenging. Two aspects of this problem will be discussed: limited accuracy of conventional margin assessment and patient-specific barriers affecting the extent of ablation zone. A three-dimensional semi-automated margin assessment approach and its evaluation in patients with CT-guided radiofrequency ablation of liver colorectal metastases will be presented in the first part of the lecture. Second part will explore the effects of prostatic vessels and calcifications on the extent of the ablation zone during the focal high-intensity focused ultrasound ablation

Speaker Bio: Elena A. Kaye, Ph.D. received her undergraduate degree in Physics and English at the Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia in 2001. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 2012. The focus of her doctoral research and the following post-doctoral training was on the development of MRI pulse sequences and focusing algorithms to improve MRI-guided focused ultrasound ablation. While at Stanford, Dr. Kaye took courses on design thinking and healthcare innovation; she also completed a summer program in entrepreneurship at Stanford Graduate School of Business. She joined the faculty at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in the fall of 2013 as a physicist for the Center for Image-Guided Interventions and is currently an Assistant Attending Physicist in the department of Medical Physics. Her work is devoted to both immediate clinical support of, and research in, the area of image-guided interventions. Dr. Kaye works closely with interventional radiologists to improve clinical outcomes of MRI and CT-guided interventions. Her research focuses on pre-clinical investigation of novel applications of MRI-guided High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound, development and translation of novel MRI techniques to improve imaging guidance of the MRI-guided biopsies and ablations, and development of ablation zone assessment tools for both CT and MRI-guided interventions. Some clinical areas of focus for Dr. Kaye are: non-invasive ablation of peripheral nerves for pain palliation and focal ablation of prostate cancer and percutaneous ablation of liver metastases. Additionally, she mentors undergraduate and graduate summer students and is an active member of MSK’s Technology and Engineering Group. Outside of MSK, she serves on an Annual Meeting Program Committee for ISMRM for which she has organized plenary and educational sessions.

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