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Nanotechnology and New Materials: Foundations of Nanoscience


Materials innovation and materials fabrication are at the very heart of nanoscale science and engineering. VINSE researchers fabricate new nanomaterials and explore novel properties exhibited by nanomaterials that do not exist for bulk materials.  The range of nanomaterials made and characterized by VINSE researchers span those that are synthesized from the bottom-up at the atomic scale to those that are fabricated in a top-down fashion by standard lithographic techniques.  The properties of the nanomaterials developed by VINSE researchers are being studied for their potential to facilitate advances in the areas of nanobiotechnolgoy and nanomedicine, nano-energy, and nanoscale optics.  Nanomaterials research in VINSE also encompasses computational nanoscience as theory and modeling drive the development of new materials as well as help to explain the unique properties exhibited by nanomaterials.  Examples of nanomaterials investigated by VINSE researchers include semiconductor nanocrystals, catalytic and reactive nanomaterials, carbon-based nanomaterials, and nanoscale diamond.

Core Faculty

Doug Adams
Leon Bellan
Josh Caldwell
David Cliffel
Daniel Fleetwood
Richard Haglund
Timothy Hanusa
Kelsey Hatzell
Kane Jennings
Piran Kidambi
Michael King
Paul Laibinis
Deyu Li
Shihong Lin
Janet Macdonald
James McBride
Justus Ndukaife
Sokrates Pantelides
Bridget Rogers
Sandra Rosenthal

Florence Sanchez
Ron Schrimpf
Jason Valentine
Sharon Weiss
John Wilson
Yaqiong Xu