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Nanoscale Optics: Exploring and Harnessing Light


The VINSE core facilities houses tools that enable a broad spectrum of photonics research initiatives at Vanderbilt in communications, energy and sustainability, life sciences and national security.  A small sampling:   Fabrication of plasmonic nanostructures for photovoltaics and medicine.  Active manipulation, control and measurement of single molecules and cells at the level of nanometer displacements and piconewton forces.  Atom-scale active electro-optical devices made from two-dimensional materials based on quantum-confinement effects.  Manipulating intensity, wavelength and propagation direction of light in nanostructured optical materials for applications from optical modulators to optical biosensing.  Electronic, optical and electro-optical devices made from carbon-based materials and applied in the biomedical arena and energy conversion.  Nanostructured metamaterials for novel, ultracompact devices such as super-resolution lenses, modulators, perfect optical absorbers, photodetectors and light sources.  Nanostructured metal and metal-oxide nanowires, nanodisks and nanoantennas for lasers, ultrafast optical modulators and nonlinear optics.

Core Faculty

Josh Caldwell
Philippe Fauchet

Richard Haglund
Justus Ndukaife
Wellington Pham
Sandra Rosenthal
Norman Tolk
Jason Valentine
Sharon Weiss
Yaqiong Xu