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Nanobio & Nanomedicine


Nanobiology seeks to use nanotechnology to understand biological phenomena.  Examples of nanobiology in VINSE include include using nanofabricated electrodes to understand neurotransmitter diffusion in the brain, the development of nano-scale imaging technologies to study molecular mechanisms governing cellular communication, and the use of ligand-conjugated nanocrystals to elucidate molecular mechanisms of mental illness.

Nanomedicine is the use of nanotechnology in medicine.  Examples of nanomedicine being developed in VINSE include a variety of nanoscale drug delivery platforms, engineered nanovaccines, inexpensive diagnostics employing nanomaterials, artificial blood vessels, and an implantable artificial kidney that exploits nanotechnology.

Core Faculty

Rizia Bardhan
Leon Bellan
Lauren Buchanan
David Cliffel
James Crowe
Anita Disney
Craig Duvall
Philippe Fauchet
William Fissell
Todd Giorgio
Scott Guelcher
Rick Haselton
Kelsey Hatzell
Kane Jennings

Dmitry Koktysh
Deyu Li
Sandra Rosenthal
Sharon Weiss
John Wikswo
John Wilson
David Wright
Yaqiong Xu
Qi Zhang